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Commercial HVAC Services in Corona, California

Trust your business’s heating and cooling system to the experts at Hillside Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Based in Corona, California, we offer advanced commercial HVAC services that include preventative maintenance, professional repairs, and customized installations.

Giving Your Business the Best Service & Value
Hillside specializes in commercial installations, tenant improvements, and difficult retrofit applications. We install all types of ductwork, including rectangular, exposed spiral, and flexible. You can count on our technicians to install equipment from the manufacturer that is the best fit for your application and budget.

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We can take care of the entire project, including roofing, plumbing, and electrical work. After the job is finished, we make sure to clean the site and quickly resolve any warranty issues. Our HVAC contractors are experts in complete computer automation, indoor air quality services, zoning systems, and custom-built maintenances that include detailed equipment information sheets.

Energy Saver Maintenances
Our maintenances include quarterly bids and equipment information sheets that are customizable to each client’s needs. These are backed by seasonal health and wellness reports that feature technical readings to justify proposed repairs. These sheets include static pressure, amp draws, Freon™ pressures, super heat, and sub-cooling to name a few.
All aspects of the system are tested over the course of a year. We inform our tenants of all potential problems based on these readings and will help you determine what is important and what can wait.

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